Three ways to post on Facebook page for high engagement (2020)

Facebook Pages are open spaces. Any individual who can see the Page can see your post or comment. At the point when you post or comment on a Page, a story can be distributed in News Feed and different places on Facebook.

You can just post on Pages that have permitted guest posts.

1. Post on a Page

-First go to your page.
-Click Write a post at the top of the Page and write your post.
-Click your profile picture in the top right and select to post as yourself or as a Page you manage.
-Then click Share now to post

2. Publishing Tools
Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page. Only Pages, not personal profiles, can access Publishing Tools. Click Drafts in the left column.
-Go to your Page.
-Click Publishing Tools at the top.
-Click + Create in the top right.
-Write your post.
-Then click Share now

3. Ads Manager
To create a Page post in Ads Manager:
-Choose Ads Posts or Published Posts.
-Select Create Post.
-Choose to Only use this post for an ad or to Use this post for an ad. …
-Select Create Post.
-Click to check the box next to the post you’ve just created and then select the Actions drop down.
-Select Publish.

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